Long basement nights and early finance days encapsulate the life of Brooklyn based artist BXHXLD (pronounced “Behold”). An impromptu 2004 Texas trip, at the height of chopped and screwed’s omnipresence birthed Tony Tulloch’s love of music. In the sweltering Texas heat he locked himself in the garage home studio of a family friend. Enthralled with the keyboards and machines Tony created his own production language of symbols and colors.


However, it wasn’t until 2008 and being gifted with a Roland Fantom-X6 keyboard where Tulloch decided he would never look back. Between selling beats on the side, being entrenched in New York nightlife, and seeing the rise of the A$AP movement Tulloch took on the name BXHXLD. The inspiration was birthed from a need to be acknowledged. From days working at JP Morgan to nights bunkered in a basement studio, BXHXLD created his first debut project, New York Is Trying to Kill Me. Written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Tulloch, the album was the culmination of endless drunken nights, the women who soundtrack them, and the pulsing heart of the city that unflinchingly swallows its own.


In 2017, BXHXLD’s music has arrived at its natural conclusion. Songs like “Humble” are emo bangers that cherish minimalism over all, while “OMW” revels in Tulloch’s family heritage. The lyrics and stories that drive them now could only be made by an artist that has seen the never ending rise and fall of the city he loves. BXHXLD is working on the release of his upcoming album, "Everything You've Heard About Me Is True", inspired by the push and pull of the comfortable life one builds for the future, but the need to chase the dangerous dreams of the present.




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